FTC Compliance

Transparency Report

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that we disclose any relationship we have between a product manufacturer or service provider when we write about their products or services.

How do you earn money?

To ensure you understand how we operate, we want to make it 100% clear how we earn money from this website. The majority of our income comes from the use of affiliate links and when someone clicks on these links and makes a purchase, we may receive a commission.

We only review, recommend or link products and services we have used and tested if we think a product or a service is not good, we will never recommend it to you or put a link to the product or service on our website. 

It’s very important to understand that we can only bring you the facts about a product or a service and how we believe that product or service could benefit you, not everything may apply to your circumstances so you should do your own research before making a purchase. 

We only recommend products and services base on our own personal experiences and cannot be held accountable if a product or a service doesn’t work out for you (NO WARRANTIES).  By choosing to purchase products or services recommended on Contentexp.com, you are accepting all responsibility for the purchase and for any events that occur as a result of the products and services.

Will it cost me more

The answer is NO. The price of anything you buy through affiliate links would be exactly the same as what you would pay without the affiliate links. Buying through our affiliate links just helps us to offset the cost of paying our writing team. We need your support to continue to bring you the latest reviews, tips, and tutorials.


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